Updating the GridBot application

Periodically the application needs to be updated due to:

  • Improvements in the application functionality
  • Changes in exchanges API protocols
  • Bug fixing

There are two ways to update the GridBot:

  • Automated
  • Manually

Checking for updates

To check for updates, you can use the in-app button located in the lower left corner of the GridBot app. The check is automatically performed when you start the app and periodically (once an hour). If there is a newer version, you will be prompted to update to it
If the version of the application is the latest, the forced check button is available
The result is displayed to the user in a message

You can also check for updates manually on the updates page here

Automated update

Automated update is performed at the user's command, but all actions (downloading the distribution, unpacking, backing up, replacing files, deleting temporary files and directories) are performed by the program. A special application in the GridBot2Update.exe program directory is designed for this purpose. When launched manually or directly from the GridBot, it displays a window from which you can start the update process:

Then press the "Update" button and wait for the update to complete.

Manual update

If the automatic update for some reason does not work or does not suit you for other reasons, it is possible to update manually.

Before updating, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the entire working directory of the application or at least the GridBot2.db database file.

You need to download the latest (or required) version from the updates page here, unzip the archive and replace all files from the update directory in your GridBot working directory. Do not delete the GridBot2.db database file when updating - this will result in the loss of all previously entered and received data from the server. When you start the updated version, all necessary changes to the database structure will be made automatically.