Introduction and Basic Principles

GridBot was created as a tool to automate routine operations when trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Basic knowledge is necessary for effective and profitable trading. Before you start using the bot, we recommend reading the following basic questions in the public domain:

  • What are cryptocurrencies
  • Basic concepts of trading on the exchange
  • Trading strategies

The GridBot does not guarantee profits and does not make any fundamental decisions for the user, but only implements a trading strategy based on a grid of orders through the API of exchanges. All actions are performed at the user's own risk.

If trading on the exchange in principle has a negative impact on the physical, mental or psychological state, it is recommended to give up trading.

Of course, if you are a professional trader, these tips can be fully or partially ignored.

For classification of risks and ways to control them, see the relevant section.

In the documentation you can find a description of the trading strategy, instructions for installing and setting up the bot, as well as other useful materials. We recommend that you study them before you start using the GridBot.

We use GridBot ourselves, improve it and are always open to suggestions. Write to us at and we will consider your suggestion or wish, if possible.

We wish you good luck in trading and maximum profit!