Application overview

This section provides a general overview of the GridBot interface.

The main window looks like this:

The main menu presents the main sections:

  • Bots - section where trading bots are created, displayed, adjusted and managed. Bot - this is a basic entity in which all basic parameters are defined, statistics are accumulated and analytics are calculated.
  • Accounts - section where the exchange accounts are created and configured, API keys for connection to the exchange are set, balances of assets and open orders are displayed. This section also allows you to create Limit and Market orders on the spot market manually.
  • Archive - archive of bots
  • Telegram - Telegram notifications section, if you need it.
  • Statistics - section for calculating the total trading results by day, month and year
  • Coverage - analysis of bot coverage of the global BTC trend
  • Settings - main program settings section
  • Help - link to the documentation on the website

In the lower left part of the program window there is an interface language switch.

In the lower right part of the program window the current volume of requests to the exchange for the last 60 seconds and the time of the program operation is displayed.

Each section is described in details in the corresponding documentation section.