Getting started

To start working with the program you need to perform the following actions:
  1. Make sure that your operating system fits the parameters here
  2. Download GridBot here
  3. Unzip the archive to any convenient location
  4. Run the bot
  5. Create at least one Binance or Huobi account with API access. How to create an account and API see here
  6. Deposit the minimum amount for trade. There are restrictions on the minimum amount of orders on the exchange. We recommend you to try trading sums starting from $500, this will allow you to create at least two bots with the grid of about 20 rows. More details about restrictions for all symbols can be found on exchange page
  7. Create at least one bot for the chosen symbol
  8. Create a grid for this bot
  9. Allocate starting amounts
  10. Place starting orders
  11. Run the bot
  12. Check that the bot works