We are interested in partners who are ready to spend their time and resources to provide services to customers in the sphere of cryptocurrency trading in general and with GridBot in particular.  

What we offer:

  • Discounts on the purchase of all products from the Shop section for all customers of the partner. The size of the discount is discussed privately.
  • Support for partner in development of new software features for your customers
  • Support for partner in fixing bugs, modifications of API protocols and other technical issues
  • Training of partners and their employees

What we expect from a partner:

  • Search for new customers
  • Assistance in localization of software in the language of the partner's region (translation of software interface, documentation, videos, website materials)
  • Adaptation of pricing policy to your region
  • Partner's customer support
  • Joint promotion of the product in a partner region
If you are interested in a partnership, send your questions/suggestions/wishes to